Magento has become one of the most compelling eCommerce platforms in the web development industry. Over the last few years, it has shown a tremendous growth because of it’s powerful and purpose-oriented themes and extensions. Merchants or business owners all around the world trust this eCommerce platform. But when it comes to the security of an online store no matter which eCommerce platform you are using, you need to follow up the best practices that can strengthen your store’s security.
As an online store owner, it is your primary responsibility that you keep your site safe and secure from hackers or cyber criminals. The hackers are always on the prowl to find any loophole within your site through which they gain access and destroy your entire site.
But, if you want to tighten your Magento online store, you need to use the best security practices. In this blog post, we will light upon the ten most reliable security tips/ practices to guard your Magento store from hackers.

Tips to strengthen the security of a Magento store

  • Use the newest version of Magento

If you want to run an online store, you must use the latest version of Magento. It constantly releases its latest version with more advanced features and of course, security fixes that can protect your site from hackers and spammers.
Therefore, it is essential to keep yourself updated regarded the latest version of Magento. Once the latest version is out, you can test and get it implemented with ease.

newest version of Magento

Install a custom path for an admin panel

Online site owners generally access their Magento admin panel by visiting But this process allows hackers to visit your admin login page and start guessing your passwords to gain your site’s access.
However, you can solve this issue by installing a customizing path for your admin panel. Once you installed a custom path, hackers won’t be able to get on to your admin login page even if they have your password. The following steps will help you customize the Magento admin path:

  • Locate /app/etc/local.xml
  • Find <![CDATA[admin]]>
  • Replace the term “admin” with your own word or code

Choose a strong password

Being an online store owner, you should choose a strong, lengthy and hard-to-crack password. It is because most of the hackers target your site by cracking your passwords for Magento admin account.
Therefore, while creating your password, try to use a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, special characters (like: *@?%^) , and numbers. Furthermore, never use your password anywhere else – it should be kept safe and secure.

Two-factor authentication

No matter how professionally you developed your site, if it is not secure, hackers can easily destroy your online reputation. In order to prevent such attacks, you should use a two-factor authentication for your Magento site’s security. It is a great way that can protect your site from hackers and other malicious activities.
Fortunately, Magento offers a couple of powerful extensions that offer two-factor authentication capabilities, so you don’t need to worry about your site’s security. The following are the best two-factor authentication extensions:

  • Rublon:
    It is an amazing extension that offers a layer of security to your Magento online store. It only allows trusted devices to gain access to your Magento background using Android and iOS app.
  • Extendware
    The two-way authentication by Extendware enables to you implements authentication mechanisms that consist restricting login attempts.

Make a use of secure FTP

Hackers usually hack sites by guessing or intercepting your site’s FTP password. It is one of the easiest ways to hack a site.
To discourage this attempt, you need to use safe and secure passwords and also use SFTP (Secured File Transfer protocol) that uses a private key file for decryption or authenticating a user.

Forbid MySQL injection

Undoubtedly, Magento offers an excellent support to excel any MySQL injection attacks with its latest versions and security fixes. But relying solely on them is not an ideal decision.
It will be good if you embed web application firewalls such as NAXZlin to keep your site as well as web customers safe from suspicious elements.

Get encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS)

You may find a risk of data interception whenever you send data such as login details across an unencrypted connection. This could harm the credential information of your web customers. To solve this issue, you should use a secure connection.
Magento allows you to get secure HTTPS/SSL URL easily by cross-checking the tab “Use Secure URLs” right in the system configuration menu. It also plays a crucial role in making your site compliant with the PCI data security standard and also secures your online transactions.
To get an SSL certification, try to get started “StartSSL” as it will help you become PCI compliant.

Magento Security

Disable directory indexing

You can strengthen the security of your Magento store by disabling directory indexing. By disabling this, you will be able to hide the desired pathways through which the domain files are stored.
This restricts hackers from accessing your site’s core files. But remember, they can still access your files if they know the accurate path of your files.

Choose the best hosting plan

A hosting plan of an online store is one of the key elements that determine your site’s security. As we know, shared hosting is the cheapest way of hosting a site. But, using shared hosting means you are leaving your site’s security at a higher risk.
Well, dedicated hosting can be a great option too, but it is not suitable for your requirements as you will be limited to a single server. On the other side, managed cloud hosting platforms can be your ideal choice. It strives you deliver the powerful security with consistent patches at server-level.
Back up your site

best hosting plan
Taking strict measures to prevent Magento site from hackers and spammers is always a good idea, but it is equally important for you to use an active backup plan, such as hourly offsite backups and downloadable backups. It allows you prevent your data loss by storing your site’s back file off-site by arranging backup via an online backup service provider.


These are the 10 most effective and powerful tips that can help you harden your site’s security quickly and efficiently. You can Secure Magento Website store against hackers and spammers.

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