Theia post slider is a awesome slider for your wordpress blogs. It has many attractive features. It turns your multi-pages post into slider images. This feature helps you to browsing easily. It is compatible with any type of wordpress theme. It is user friendly slider for wordpress. You can easily choose 60 sliders themes from admin panel and customize according to your demands.

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Features of Theia post slider for WordPress

  • Works out-of-the-box with all of your existing posts.
  • Slides are efficiently loaded usingAJAX and preloading
  • Ad refreshing upon navigationfor Google DoubleClick and partners. (requires GPT and asynchronous rendering)
  • SEO optimized. Keeps the same URLs as before.
  • You can add headersfooters and titles for each slide/page.
  • Works with any WordPress theme.
  • 25+ slider themesyou can choose from. Edit the buttons or create your own using CSS.
  • 4 transition effects: Slide, Fade, Basic and None
  • An admin page with a Live Preview to easily customize your WordPress slider.
  • Keyboard shortcuts(left and right arrows).
  • Degrades gracefully for visitors without JavaScript.
  • API for developers wishing to extend functionality.
  • Optionally allow jumping to the previous or next post.
  • Can be enabled on a post-by-post basis.
  • Compatible with the most popular SEO and Cache WordPress plugins.
  • Page views for each slide are tracked in Google Analytics or Piwik (if available).
  • Optimized for speed using CSS sprites.
  • Receive support and free upgrades.



Small guideline how to use Theia post slider for wordpress

First Method

  • In the WordPress administration panel, open the “Plugins -> Add new -> Upload” page.
  • Select and upload the “” file.

Second Method

  • Unzip the “” archive into your WordPress plugins folder (located at “/wp-content/plugins/”).
  • Open your browser and go to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Open the “Plugins -> Installed plugins” page and activate the “Theia Post Slider” plugin.

Creating posts with multiple pages

This slider can turns your multi-pages post into slider images. This feature helps you to browsing easily. First you split up your post into multiple pages by using the “Insert Page break” button which show in below image.


Without using any other plugins for navigation bar you can use these buttons for moving your slider images.


Adding headers, footers and titles

  • First you add header which display on the top of the page or above the slider. Be sure to insert only once on the first page.
  • You add a page title for each one of the page. Be sure to insert it only once inside each page.
  • Second you add footer which display at the bottom of the slider. Be sure to insert it only once and on the last page.

Here is an example that uses a header, a footer and a title for each page:


Here is the output



You can change the different settings theia post slider plugin from opening the “Settings -> Theia Post Slider” page in the admin panel.

You can easily see the current changes in Live preview section. Here is the image in which following settings are available.

  • Theme
  • Transition effects
  • Transition duration (ms)
  • Navigation text
  • Much more…



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