Quick Quiz is a great  test survey creator.

Quick Quiz is a simple and powerful test and/or survey creator which resulting product can be published in an HTML page (it is not a WordPress plugin).

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Application Features for Quick Quiz

  • Eight types of questions: single answer, multiple answer, sequence, pairing, long answer, short answer, scales and rating.
  • Different answer formatsdepending on the type of question: buttons, checkboxes, radio, select, sliders…
  • Several display options: Number of buttons per row, aside or background images, main color, etc.
  • Pages. We can create the entire quiz in either one or several pages, selecting the number of questions in each one.
  • Video and audio. We can create a page with video or audio with questions displayed at certain times of the playback. This option only works properly in the latest browsers and is powered by Videogular

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Quick Quiz

  • Graded and/or survey. The quiz can be exam, self-assessment or survey.
  • Final message and/or feedback. We can display different messages on the final page depending on the number of points, the percentage of correct responses, etc. Feedback refers to the comments that can be displayed next to the question each time the user makes a response.
  • Database. The results can be sent to a database created with com. The message may also include the user’s name or email.
  • Online builder. The final quiz is generated from two JSON files, one for general settings and the other for the questions that make up the test. This package includes access to a builder to make easier the creation of the JSON files. You can see the builder in the screenshots.
  • Englishand Spanish

QuickQuiz is an application built with AngularJS and Material Design.

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Quick Quiz


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