Here we bring  great wordpress tutorials for beginners.As we know all about wordpress that is a CMS platform.By using this platform we can make anything which we show everyday on internet Like blog,Shopping site(ecommerce),Real estate.So come to point as we know wordpress development is a huge field now a days,therefor here we are displaying good stuff for begginers.

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Some important tips about WordPress.

1. WordPress Has A Ton Of Built-In Scripts

WordPress has an ability you can include style and scripts easily with dependency management. But did you know that WordPress has a lot of scripts already built in? jQuery, many elements of jQuery UI, jQuery Form, SWF Object, Tiny MCE, Jcrop and Thickbox are just some the better known ones. The whole list can be found in the WordPress Codex. If you’re interested in learning how to use the enqueue functions effectively, I recommend “The Developer’s Guide to Conflict-Free JavaScript and CSS in WordPress” right here on Smashing Magazine!

2. Force Perfect JPG Images

WordPress uses a default quality of 90%. But if top-notch image quality is a must on your website (for a portfolio, photography, etc.), modifying the value might be best.





3. Using General Taxonomy Functions

A number of taxonomy functions can handle your custom taxonomies as well as the built-in tags and categories. The Codex’s reference of functions contains the full list of taxonomy functions. I particularly like using get_term(), get_terms() and wp_get_object_terms(). To make things more modular.

4. Setting Up Sessions In WordPress

Sessions are important for websites and sessions are widely used on websites. WordPress doesn’t use them at all internally, so the session is never set. Using the following method, you can start a session on all pages before any output.

add_action( 'init', 'smashing_session_start' );
function smashing_session_start() {
   if ( !session_id() ) {

5. Upload Files With Ease

WordPress has many  great uploading functions for everything from checking the file type to finding the uploads directory. A more usful  function is wp_upload_bits(), which you can use to upload a file to the uploads directory.

$upload = wp_upload_bits( $_FILES['myfile']['name'], null, file_get_contents( $_FILES['myfile']['tmp_name'] ) );
echo 'Well uploaded! The path to this file is ' . $upload['file'] . ' and the url to this file is ' . $upload['url'];

6. Twitter-Like Time Display

If you want to show your time of action in a human-readable format, like “5 minutes ago” or “one month ago,” try the human_timed_diff() function.

$diff = human_time_diff( '2012-05-05 12:05:00', '2012-05-05 12:10:00' );
echo 'This comment was submitted ' . $diff . 'ago';

// Output: This comment was submitted 5 minutes ago

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