Today we learn how to schedule post in WordPress. This is an easiest task if you try this.

WordPress has different types of amazing and stunning features which help out in many tough tasks. One of the amazing features is to schedule your post in very easy manure. Here we tell about this feature which helps you to schedule post.Below you will see method how you can publish schedule posts.

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Why need to schedule post in WordPress?

  • If you want to publish post everyday at 9 pm so your blog users can enjoy and learn something new from your blog at fixed time.
  • If you want to engage your reader with your posts even you are not able to write those posts regularly.
  • If you want to search some technique which helps you to publish posts according to your readers time zone.

How to Schedule post in WordPress :

Step 1: if you want to publish your post according to the readers time zone then go to the settings on wordpress dashboard. Click on the general menu and select the required time zone in the time zone option and save it.

If you do not want to publish your post according to time zone then do not follow the step 1 and apply step 2.

Step 2: After writing your post see the right side of edit panel of post. Here is the publish box settings. Click on the edit option.


Step 3 Set the date and time when you want to publish your post. You specify your time zone in 24 hours clock format. finally click on OK button.


Step 4 : Now to schedule your post at this specified date & time, Click on Schedule button.


Using the above same procedure if you want to re-publish the posts at the scheduled date & time which were published already.


There are also many plugins that work same as scheduled posts.By using scheduled posts plugin your work will be easy.

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