You can actually turn off the related video feature in YouTube embeds, putting the power back in your hands. It’s pretty important you do this if you want to keep your audience focused on what you’ve crafted rather than getting distracted by what YouTube wants them to watch.

How to Hide Youtube Related Videos

Before September 2018, a webmaster could disable related videos on YouTube embeds by simply adding ?rel=0 to the iframe’s src like this:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

However in September 2018, YouTube changed their embed code so that this rel=0 trick no longer fully disables related videos (instead it makes it so the related videos come from the same YouTube channel as the video displayed). It is no longer possible to fully disable related videos using rel=0.

This option was likely deprecated because it was not seeing a lot of use, but the sudden change has left the rest of us to wonder why rel=0 is not working to hide related videos like it used to. For those of us who still want to be able to embed YouTube videos without related videos showing at the end, there is a snippet of code we can use as a workaround. This is the final result (pay attention at the end of the video):

If you’re using WordPress, grab the plugin here to make your life a bit easier:

If you’re not using WordPress, Just go on this site and see the following section mentioned below
Hide Youtube Related Videos.

Copy your youtube video id and paste it in the field. You will get code like this in the screenshot below
Youtube Related Videos

Just copy that code and paste it on your page where you want to show this video.

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