Security means secure your property or system form any type of risk and danger. Its really important to safe your websites from any risk or fear and make it safe. As we know that WordPress is most popular open source software for blogging, it is a main target of many malicious viruses. Its most important to secure your blog and use some wordpress security tips. Here we give you some important wordpress security tips.

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Useful WordPress Security tips:

Always upgrade:

Always upgrade your wordpress version, keep your plugins according to your latest version. When you upgrade your wordpress version the new version may fix any security bugs from the previous version.

Hide your wordpress version number:

If you cannot upgrade the latest wordpress version then you must hide your wordpress version number from hackers. You can easily hide your version number by using following simple line code.

If you are using an older theme, remove the following line from your theme’s header.php file.

bloginfo('version'); ?>

If you are using a newer theme, just add the following in your theme’s functions.php file.

<?php remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');?>

Be careful about plugins:

WordPress provide a large verity of plugins. Be careful about installation of plugins because weak plugins have some bugs and virus code through which our other code and SQL Queries corrupted. These types of plugins effect your websites and its ranking.

First of all check out the plugins ranking and comments about plugins working. And make sure from blogger friends about pluging before installation. Upgrade your plugins properly.

Secure administrator account:

When you install default wordpress and make your administration account you commonly use “admin” as user name. All hackers know it. Make sure that your administrator account user name is not related to your `your name` or `website name` or `admin`. If you already do this thing then you have to change wordpress default user .

Disable directory browsing:


Disable directory browsing is very important for your website. If you enable directory browsing then any person easily see all important files. A simple trick to disable directory browsing is to upload a blank index.php or index.html file in each directory and sub directory except the root. And make sure that you do not use “wordpress hack to find the plugin” plugin.

Essential WordPress Security Tips

Monitor any hacking attempts using wassup:

Wassup is a wordpress plugin that records details data of each user. Using this plugin you can monitor any malicious activities like code/sql injections.

One More thing i want to add take backup of you website and database every week if possible.Because we can not say that we are secure 100% on internet

 So keep in mind Prevention is better than cure…


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