Here we present you different Best WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins to Highlight Code within Your Blog.

Now a days we saw in different blog articles HTML, CSS and different codes are highlighted code. We can highlight code in our article by using different wordpress syntax highlighter plugins. By using these WordPress Plugins we can easily highlight different languages code. Following are the best Best WordPress Plugins to Highlight Code within Your Blog. Just pick up and use it. These are very user friendly.

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CodeColor Plugin

This plugin allows you to highlight code or snippet within your blog with amazing styling. It supports many languages.


Color Customization in CSS file
Highlight colors included: Railscasts, Vibrant Ink, Twitlight, Mac Classic, Dawn, Slush & Poppies and Blackboard.
Much More…




Code Markup Plugin

This plugin will allow to highlight your code in an efficient way. It is compatible from WordPress 1.5 to latest version. This plugin helps you by escaping special HTML characters and tags so they display exactly as you enter through your input device. For example, if you will use normal code block with <em>, it will be displayed as emphasized text, but if you will use in HTML code block, it will be displayed as <em>.



Code Markup Plugin

WP-SynHighlight Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin for highlighting your source code and works like BBCode tag. It would highlight everything you will put between BB code tags. The plugins support 116 programming languages via Geshi.




WordPress FV Code Highlighter Plugin

This is the best code highlighter plugin I ever used. It supports XML, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS. The default highlight use the layout like Adobe Dreamweaver, but you can change the layout through settings. It is compatible WordPress version 2.5 to latest version.








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