Here we give you the collection of 15 Best Free and Premium WordPress Security Plugins.

Your website are very important for you. Security of your website is very important. There is a collection of 15 best free and premium wordpress security plugins. These wordpress security plugins secure your website from any malware and infection. These plugins identify WordPress problems before they become a security problem.

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Wordfence Security

Wordfence starts by checking if your site is already infected. Real-time blocking of known attackers supported.

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BulletProof Security

Website security protection against: XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking.

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WP Security Audit Log

Identify WordPress issues before they become a security problem by keeping an audit log of users and all of the under the hood WordPress activity.

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All in One WordPress Security

All in One WordPress Security helps you to protect your wordpress website from virus and malicious attack by folder backup, database backup, setting updates, change wp url, permission set, file scan, traffic check etc.

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6Scan Security

6Scan Security is the most comprehensive auto-fix protection your WordPress site can get against hackers.

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wordpress security plugins


SECURE shows you exactly how to lock down your WordPress sites against hackers.

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SmartFilter Security

SmartFilter Security is simple to use but intelligent, giving users the freedom to enhance their blogs without ever having to worry about or even understand security.

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SmartFilter Security

Login Security Solution

A simple way to lock down login security for multisite and regular WordPress installations.

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WP Secure Referer Plugin – Dereferer Service

WP Secure Referer Plugin – Dereferer Service automatically changes all external links on the blog to redirect through various anonymization services, used to hide the source (referer) of traffic.

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Htaccess Secure Files

Htaccess Secure Files plugin allows securing files in WordPress’ media library to be only accessible to users with specific roles, capabilities, or IP addresses.

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WP Security Login Notification

WP Security Login Notification sends an email with useful data to the administrator each time a user successfully logs in or fails to connect.

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Plugin Security Checker

Plugin Security Checker is a good plugin to check your other WordPress plugins for vulnerability.

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Colobe Security

With this plugin you’ll be able to protect your WordPress login page against theft of passwords.

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SX User Name Security

The plugin changes “Display Name” and “Nickname” to a random value

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Security Ninja

perform 31+ security tests including brute-force attacks
check your site for security vulnerabilities and holes

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Core Scanner add-on for Security Ninja

scan WP core files with one click
quickly identify problematic files
restore modified files

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