html select

HTML Select Option Using href Links

There is a great tip which i am going to share with my viewers. Sometime client demands stupid thing like how we can make anchor tag in html select option, so now don't worry about it we have a solution for thi...

10 Tips to Secure Magento Websites

Magento has become one of the most compelling eCommerce platforms in the web development industry. Over the last few years, it has shown a tremendous growth because of it's powerful and purpose-oriented themes ...
shutterstock images

Download Shutterstock Images Free

Themes refinery gives you free of cost bewildering and stunning shutterstock images. Shutterstock is a big market place where we see different types of creativity of different peoples. Shutterstock have mil...

25 Best Corporate Business WordPress Themes

These wordpress themes can be a powerful tool to help your brands grow even more. These wp themes has compatibility with plugins that allow you to make your site easily functionals and friendly. All of the themes in this list are responsive and mobile-friendly.